It doesn’t get much better than this exclusive world premiere stream of the brand new track “Insectoid” from progressive metal band Tribune. This Vancouver, B.C. group formed in 2004 and have been inspired by the strong friendships therein, as well as a strong commitment to making challenging, but accessible heavy metal. Tribune is excited to release its third full-length record Tales, a nine song concept album inspired by the writings of some historically celebrated writers and thinkers, including H.P. Lovecraft, H.G. Wells and Homer. Tales explores a more melodic and progressive sound than listeners of Tribune may be used to, but the album stays true to the aggression heard on 2011’s Elder Lore/The Dark Arts.

Burnaby, BC band Tribune released their full length, Elder Lore / The Dark Arts, on independent owned label Corpse Corrosion Music. When one first glances at the album artwork they shall notice drawings of succubus’s, a swamp creature and other characters portraying visuals for songs on the album.

You could say that there is no band more close-knit than Tribune, a group of brothers and close friends. The five members of Tribune have been together making music since 2004 with a mission of making challenging yet accessible heavy metal music. In 2004, guitarist Terry Anderson approached his old high school friend and drummer Jason Brown about putting a band together. The goal was always from the very first moment to create a heavy metal band together, influenced by many of the groups that the two founding members grew up listening to. As all five group members have practiced and played more together, their music has become both heavier and more melodic from release to release now.

Vancouver, British Columbia’s Tribune has taken metal to a new level in 2012 with the multi-metal genre blender displayed on their latest album Elder Lore/The Dark Arts (released March 20, 2012 via Corpse Corrosion Music). “The Succubus” is the first single from the 8 track beast and we’re pleased to present the exclusive world premiere of the new music video on PureGrainTV. Filmed and directed by Terry Anderson and Tribune, the clip shows the band’s lighter side while keeping it heavy. The album is available world-wide as a digital or hard copy via bandcamp and direct from Tribune’s website (links below).