The Skinny: It doesn’t get much better than this exclusive world premiere stream of the brand new track “Insectoid” from progressive metal band Tribune. This Vancouver, B.C. group formed in 2004 and have been inspired by the strong friendships therein, as well as a strong commitment to making challenging, but accessible heavy metal. Tribune is excited to release its third full-length record Tales, a nine song concept album inspired by the writings of some historically celebrated writers and thinkers, including H.P. Lovecraft, H.G. Wells and Homer. Tales explores a more melodic and progressive sound than listeners of Tribune may be used to, but the album stays true to the aggression heard on 2011’s Elder Lore/The Dark Arts.

Tribune’s first offering came in 2005 with the eight song EP Home Sweet Hell and things have only gotten heavier and more intense since then. In 2009 they released a three song demo called Rotting Core which was a mixture of death metal elements with more melodic vocals. With Tales, Tribune has engaged in their appetite for more extreme metal which got them listening and subsequently influenced by bands such as Carcass, Death and At The Gates. Tales is a fresh take on Tribune’s already well developed metal sound and something that will be pleasing to metalheads who enjoy a musical challenge.