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The Skinny: You could say that there is no band more close-knit than Tribune, a group of brothers and close friends. The five members of Tribune have been together making music since 2004 with a mission of making challenging yet accessible heavy metal music. In 2004, guitarist Terry Anderson approached his old high school friend and drummer Jason Brown about putting a band together. The goal was always from the very first moment to create a heavy metal band together, influenced by many of the groups that the two founding members grew up listening to. As all five group members have practiced and played more together, their music has become both heavier and more melodic from release to release now.

Now in 2012, Tribune has released their third record Eldore Lore/The Dark Arts that showcases the raw sound that captures the band in its natural live element. The album’s sound can be described as a mix of thrash and progressive rock metal that sticks to the band’s signature sound. Things are happening fast for Tribune, with a first ever U.S. tour on the horizon as well as the writing of their next album already having commenced which they hope to release in 2013. Enjoy this free download of the track “Man On The Outside”.