It’s been almost five years since we last heard any studio output from Orange County bruisers Throwdown and as “Borrowed Time” smashes our ears, we find ourselves listening to something akin to Pantera at their most visceral. From Dave Peters throaty Anselmo-like roars to the heavy-as-hell yet accessible groove metal that fills their latest album, Intolerance is a full-throttle, fist-in-the-face slab of metallic hardcore.

Throwdown is streaming their new LP, Intolerance today in anticipation of its release this coming Tuesday, January 21st. Listen below! The band recently released two singles, “Defend with Violence” and “Avow,” which are available for purchase via iTunes. This is the first new music we’ve seen from the SOCAL metal act since Deathless was released back in 2009.

Throwdown will release Intolerance on January 21, 2014. The new effort combines the massive production punch of the moody, sludgy and powerfully diverse masterpiece Deathless (which spawned the Sirius XM staples “This Continuum” and “The Scythe”) with the focused resolve of the band’s genre-classic-filled back catalog. The big sound that developed on Deathless works magic upon the brutal missives found all over Intolerance, nearly all of which clock in around 2 minutes.

Throwdown has debuted a new track today titled “Avow” from their upcoming new LP Intolerance, due out January 21, 2014. Says frontman Dave Peters: “I’ve written a lot of lyrics about straight edge, self respect, addiction and other subjects in that vein over the years, but it’s been a while since I’ve written anything as overt as ‘Forever.’ In writing for Vendetta, Venom & Tears, and Deathless, I always felt a little phobic toward lyrical content coming off as rehashed, so I was meticulous if not a little obsessive about making a song like ‘Discipline’ or ‘S.C.U.M.’ or ‘Blinding Light’ unique even if they all ventured into similar territory. It’s been over a decade since ‘Forever’ was written and over two decades that I’ve been straight edge. ‘Avow’ is simply about how it is still and will always be something important to me, no matter how old I get or how much life changes.”