Out Of Reach


Just the other day I was contemplating what discs I would be adding to my 2012 “best of” list, and quite honestly I was having a bit of trouble finding ten standouts. Lo and behold Out Of Reach arrived on my desk and I was completely taken aback. I have never heard of LizZard before, but after a few spins I can’t stop singing their praises. To me this does feel more like a heavier hard rock album than a metal record, but however you define it, this is a disc you will not soon forget!

Limoges, France-located experimental rock/metal threesome LizZard – consisting of Mathieu Ricou (guitar, vocals), Katy Elwell (drums) and William Knox (bass, vocals) – are set to release their brand new effort, Out Of Reach, tomorrow, October 12th via Klonosphere/Season of Mist. Ahead of the release date, in this exclusive world premiere, we bring you a full stream of the rocking new release.