Just the other day I was contemplating what discs I would be adding to my 2012 “best of” list, and quite honestly I was having a bit of trouble finding ten standouts. Lo and behold Out Of Reach arrived on my desk and I was completely taken aback. I have never heard of LizZard before, but after a few spins I can’t stop singing their praises. To me this does feel more like a heavier hard rock album than a metal record, but however you define it, this is a disc you will not soon forget!

Out Of Reach is packed to the gills with groovy, riff-driven tunes that have just the right amount of edge to both make them stand out in the overcrowded, often boring, hard rock genre, and remain very radio friendly. Powerful vocals, melodic harmonies and a tight-as-hell rhythm section round out this terrific offering.

While these guys are from France and are currently virtually unknown, I can’t see that being the case for long. Once word gets out more I think they will make a name for themselves quite quickly. This is a top-notch powerhouse of a record that will remain in my player for months to come and more than likely end up on my end of year list.

Track Listing:

01. Disintegrity
02. The Orbiter
03. Out Of Reach
04. Skyline
05. Loose Ends
06. Backslide
07. Fakeworld
08. Twisted Machine
09. Across The Line
10. Tear Down The Sky

Run Time: 44:40
Release Date: October 12, 2012

Check out the album: ‘Out Of Reach’