The masters of groove-infused dance metal are back and better than ever. With the release of Urban Warfare, Klank once again dishes out one heck of an album that was well worth the wait. The trademark synthy arrangements and meaty chords that we have come to expect from a Klank record are all accounted for on Urban Warfare and many of the songs are so hypnotic and mesmerizing that they burrowed into my head and remained with me throughout the day.

Splicing the Mosh Pit and the Dance Floor, the wrecking machine known as Klank has released a barrage of sonic assaults in the form of Still Suffering, the In Memory Of… EP and NUMB…Reborn. Breaking musical boundaries with a sound described as Dancy Aggressive Dark Electronically Influenced Groove, Klank spent 18 weeks on the CMJ Top 40 charts with their monster single “Downside” I recently spoke with Klank himself to discuss the gear behind the bands trademark sound.

For years now the industrial metal act Klank has been pounding out molten metal and deeply infectious grooves. Their music splices the mosh pit with the dance hall and really packs a punch. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with drummer Eric Wilkins to discuss the gear he uses to obtain and maintain the grooving beat that is the backbone of the band’s sound.