The masters of groove-infused dance metal are back and better than ever. With the release of Urban Warfare, Klank once again dishes out one heck of an album that was well worth the wait. The trademark synthy arrangements and meaty chords that we have come to expect from a Klank record are all accounted for on Urban Warfare and many of the songs are so hypnotic and mesmerizing that they burrowed into my head and remained with me throughout the day.

The title track “Urban Warfare” is a good example; hours after turning off the player the chugging, staccato rhythm was still bouncing around in my skull. The album is fast and furious and the festivities even come to a close with a guest vocal appearance by Doug Pinnick of King’s X fame. At the end of the day I feel Urban Warfare is the best Klank effort to date; they have virtually perfected their brand of infectiously-catchy, insanely groovy metal. This is definitely worth checking out when it’s released on June 12th!

Track Listing:

01. A Call To Arms
02. Unamused
03. Urban Warfare
04. Bigger Man
05. Alive In Me
06. Save Me
07. Built To Survive
08. Sick Is The New Sane
09. Stomp You Out
10. Blow It All Away
11. Disdain
12. We’re All Suspect
13. Eraser
14. Something About You

Run Time: 52:29
Release Date: June 12, 2012

Check out the song: “Bigger Man”