Since the mid-nineties industrial metal heavyweights, Klank, have been dishing out an amalgamation of danceable, molten metal that simultaneously compels you to bang your head and move to the groove. This time out, on Rise, the guys take a slightly different approach to their music.

The first thing you will notice is that the vocals are set back, allowing for the instruments and programming to shine a bit more; slightly similar to what a Ministry record sounds like. Another thing that’s apparent from the very first track, “Bring Me Down”, is the amount of passion and emotion that is poured into each and every song. Klank Diolosa wears his heart on his sleeve on this record and the result is truly felt by the listener. Rise is one of those albums that will for sure get your blood pumping faster, but if you take a moment and listen, the lyrics will speak to you.

Musically, I think Rise is fantastic; it is a bit less aggressive than their last release Urban Warfare, leaning a bit more on the electronic, programmed side of things. This, however, is a good thing because, with the vocals set back as above-mentioned, the groove becomes more pronounced.

All things considered, I think this is my favorite Klank release since their debut, Still Suffering. All nine tracks flow well and I really enjoyed listening to the entire package. No fillers to be found here, just good, honest, groove-infused industrial metal.

Rise Track Listing:

01. Bring Me Down
02. Better Place
03. The Beast Within
04. Only Human
05. Rise
06. These4Walls
07. De-Volve
08. Manipulation
09. Till The End
10. The Damage

Run Time: 39 minutes
Release Date: January 13, 2017

Check out the song “Rise”