Jason Lekberg


Released on April 29th, 2014, Vae Victis is the latest offering from New York metal mammoths, Ikillya. Loaded with 9 purely pummeling songs, the Megaforce Records released Vae Victis, has garnered glowing reviews from many of metal’s top websites. Rather than tell you why this album is good, we’ll let you check out the music below and decide for yourself. Before then; however, here’s what vocalist Jason Lekberg had to say when we asked him some of our more provocative questions.

If nothing else, IKILLYA is the coolest sounding new band name out there. Straight out of the New York City street metal scene, IKILLYA is a three piece, bad ass band that is really making some strides these days. The band’s first EP, Recon came out this past April but don’t be fooled by the fact it’s an EP since it contains ten full tracks. To promote Recon the band is playing shows in the New York and tri-state area this summer but the band is trying not to plan too far ahead with the intention of keeping their future options open.