Beastmilk is a bit different from the usual fare I review. Not really metal, but at the same time having elements of it, Use Your Deluge is a brief, but interesting EP. Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, Beastmilk describes themselves as “Apocalyptic post punk” which really doesn’t do justice in describing the band’s sound. When I read the words “apocalyptic post punk” I think in terms of extremities and speed, something that Beastmilk is definitely not.

Narrow House is another one of those bands that I came across while scouring the internet. The group is from the Ukraine and play what they describe as “apocalyptic doom”, apparently replete with psychological imagery when the band plays live. Although they’ve been together since 2009, A Key to Panngrieb is the band’s debut album and will only be released on Solitude Productions later this month.