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William Edward Thompson Premieres His Stripped-Down “Sleep Test” Music Video

Singer-songwriter William Edward Thompson bares it all with the premiere of the video for the title track to his new album, ‘Sleep Test.’



William Edward Thompson, photo by Gary Governale
William Edward Thompson, photo by Gary Governale

One of the greatest attributes in any artist of any art form is candour, and that’s what William Edward Thompson is putting forth with the premiere of the music video for his latest single “Sleep Test.” This is the title track to his new album, due out soon. The video clip is the perfect complement to the song, a laid-back, vulnerable look into Thompson as an artist and a person.

Being solo is still kind of novel for Thompson, with most of his previous musical experiences in bands. He has played in notable acts such as Heavy Mantle, Secret Smoker, and Spiritiste. While those were more melodic hardcore acts, Thompson, known as Billy to his friends, has stripped things down for his solo endeavours. It’s just him and an acoustic guitar, for the most part, a deliberately raw and simple approach.

Elaborating on his approach and “Sleep Test” in particular, Thompson states:

“It seems like most songs and albums that are coming out lately are perfect, flawless, and polished. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with striving for that. But as a chronic rebellious outsider, I decided I wanted to do the opposite. I’m not perfect and a perfect sounding record would not be me.

“I feel crippled by technology and process. I just wanted to write short songs that got to the point and were not overthought or corrected. Not just because people don’t have time to sit and listen anymore when sharing music. But I think it was important to the process to capture the moment. It comes across as more honest and less calculated. When we breathe we don’t sit there and count the breaths and measure and think and control them. It’s natural, and I wanted the songs to come across in the same honest way.”

Each song is intended to be a quick look into Thompson’s thoughts and feelings daily. It’s meant to play a musical version of a journal or diary. Some songs are more fully realized, while others are more like tiny snapshots. He wanted his songwriting to be less calculated and an honest journey through his mind and thoughts.

The Sleep Test album will be defined by Thompson’s heartfelt melodies and poetic lyrics. It’s like a bedroom project, just with better production. The basics of songwriting are often underestimated, but Thompson proves that it was and always will be all about the feeling and overall authenticity.

William Edward Thompson “Sleep Test” single artwork

William Edward Thompson “Sleep Test” single artwork