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Danny Brown “Quaranta Tour” Lands at Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom [Photos]

Danny Brown hit Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC on April 1st, and brought along stupendous support from Bruiser Wolf and Alice Longyu Gao.



Danny Brown on Apr 1, 2024, photo by Randy Romero
Danny Brown on Apr 1, 2024, photo by Randy Romero

On April 1st, Easter Monday, the Commodore Ballroom served as a hip-hop convention centre for Danny Brown’s “Quaranta Tour.” The venue was at capacity, and I even witnessed some fans trying to buy passes at the ticket window but being turned down because the show was sold out well in advance.

Danny Brown, once described by MTV as one of rap’s most unique figures in recent memory, had a set of very particular and unique artists touring with him, the Detroit native Bruiser Wolf and Chinese performance artist Alice Longyu Gao.

Bruiser Wolf was the first one on stage; wearing a Vancouver Grizzlies Jersey, a great acknowledgment to the city. He is a great stage performer and had the fans jumping and rapping along. His lyrics are funny, and he raps like he is on a spoken word poetry session on top of rap beats. He performed a total of seven songs, including “Thank God,” “Dog Food,” “Hurry Up & Buy” and “Dope Game $tupid” to close his set.

Alice Longyu Gao was the second one on stage and did not disappoint. Her performance was full of many things I did not think would work, but her madness on stage was beautiful. She played the harp on stage and combined it with high-energy movements that were entertaining. Nine songs were performed, including “Let’s Hope Heteros Fail,” “Learn,” and “Retire.”

It was the time for the man of the hour. Brown opened his set with the title track from his sixth studio album, Quaranta. Danny came to the stage wearing a long grey leather jacket that, from a distance, looked like an adult onesie and big black rubbery-looking shoes.

For the 7th song, he did “Dip,” and at the end, he revealed a Vancouver Canuks jersey he was wearing under the grey leather jacket. Following he performed “Steppa Pig” from his collab album with New York rapper Jpegmafia, Scaring the Hoes. He did a total of six songs from that album.

For the 19th song, he brought Bruiser Wolf back to the stage to help him with “Y.B.P.” and followed with “Jenn’s Terrific Vacation” to close his set. The fans refused to leave without at least one more song, and Danny returned to perform “Grown Up.”

Danny Brown created an excellent show with the best openers I’ve seen this year.