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Wizz Havinn Drops Music Video for Single “Lead No Pencil”

Wizz Havinn, featuring Ddot Freezing, drops the music video for his single “Lead No Pencil,” delivering more of that Tallahassee sound!



Wizz Havinn, photo by Esdras Thelusma
Wizz Havinn, photo by Esdras Thelusma

With his laid-back flow and drawly demeanour, Wizz Havinn makes hustling look easy. The Tallahassee breakout teamed up with one of his favourite producers, Ddot Freezing, to deliver an ice-cold video for “Lead No Pencil.” Skating atop Ddot’s tundra-like sheets of synths and inquisitive piano, Wizz proves that he’s about his business, explaining that he walks around with real lead, not pencil graphite. In the video, Wizz conducts business in the dead of night as he patrols his hometown in his souped-up whip.

“Lead No Pencil” is a highlight track from Super Wizz: The Sequel, the expansion of his November 2023 project. Like any superhero sequel, the new version of Super Wizz is bigger and badder than the original, adding seven new laidback yet motivational anthems to the proceedings. A kinetic collection of hustle-hard hood anthems, the Super Wizz is a sterling example of the new Tallahassee sound, “Tallahassee has made a major stamp on the world,” says Wizz. “We came out with a sound that nobody’s ever heard.”

Wizz Havinn is known for his laid-back flow, which helped define the sound of the rising Tallahassee scene, but his blasé demeanour belies his superhuman focus on stacking paper. In his own words, Wizz makes music that “makes you want to get your own money”–he learned to rhyme to escape his circumstances, and he hopes to be a shining example for others in his community.

The mixtape is home to singles like “Eminem,” a collaboration with the similarly soft-spoken Detroit rapper Veeze, “Real Drip” ft. YTB Fatt and the Ddot Freezing-produced “Check Me.” Featuring additional appearances from Jeezy, Wizz’s fellow master motivator, and Lil Double 0, Super Wizz: The Sequel is available everywhere via Open Shift Distribution. Stay tuned for much more from Super Wizz in 2024.

Super Wizz ‘The Sequel’ album artwork

Super Wizz ‘The Sequel’ album artwork

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