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Eleanor Henderson Premieres Her Heartfelt Debut Single “Patience”



Eleanor Henderson, photo by Sean Strauss
Eleanor Henderson, photo by Sean Strauss

A few seconds into Eleanor Henderson’s debut single “Patience,” you know she’s coming from an honest and sincere place. The singer-songwriter is making quite the statement with this first proper single, a profound declaration of the type of artist she is. The song is a well-composed blend of bittersweet melodies and introspective lyrics.

“Patience” features a strong sense of longing, a statement on unreciprocated affection and the web of emotions accompanying these feelings. It’s not all painful; there is a certain sense of catharsis within the song and its words.

Discussing how “Patience” came to be, Henderson shares with us:

“Everything about this single came together thanks to a bunch of wonderful friends who I got really lucky to meet. I rented a random room in LA for the summer from an awesome lady who introduced me to her daughter’s boyfriend who was a producer. We started working together and became good friends, and then I met his girlfriend (my roommate/landlady’s daughter) who is a designer, and she designed my outfit for my first ever real gig where I played this song. My freshman year of college I met Hannah in Religious Anthropology, and she is now my publicist.

“My sister’s boyfriend (who also happens to be our childhood friend) mixed and mastered the song, and also took the photo that’s on the single artwork while he was taking silly photos on Portrait Mode at Thanksgiving. And of course, the song itself is written about a dear friend. I cannot express how grateful I am to all the people in this wildly coincidental story, to all the many more I didn’t mention, and to my new friends here at V13. So here’s to friends! And a whole lot of luck.”

Eleanor Henderson “Patience” single artwork, by Korin Aldam-Tajima

Eleanor Henderson “Patience” single artwork, by Korin Aldam-Tajima

As you may have already noticed within the song, its imagery is closely associated with Henderson’s connection to the piano. She used an out-of-tune grand piano that really creates a certain mystique within this song.

Despite the song’s title and the sentiment, Henderson does not identify as a patient person. She openly admits to being rather impatient, a character trait of hers since her youth. Writing the song was somewhat of a lesson in learning patience and how to be patient. She views “Patience” as one of those life lessons that the world just somehow finds a way to teach you.

Eleanor Henderson demonstrates wisdom and musical acumen that goes far beyond her 21 years on the planet. She artfully blends singer-songwriter tendencies with more typical rock n’ roll sounding guitars and drums. She is currently a senior in college and prioritizes her writing and recording each weekend, driving from Claremont to LA to work with her producer Syrhus. Henderson is very capably tapping into her great musical potential and is thrilled to see what lies ahead for her as a songwriter, excited by the infinite possibilities.