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Connor Roff Releases Latest Single, “Somewhere Green”

Connor Roff has released his single, “Somewhere Green,” inspired by our disconnection with mother nature, especially in the Western world.



Connor Roff
Connor Roff

Connor Roff has released his latest single, “Somewhere Green,” inspired by our disconnection with mother nature – especially in the Western world with corporate capitalism, colonialism and greed.

Connor and his producer, James Turner, worked on the song internationally across waters via video call and email. For one of the finishing touches, they added some sounds of birds recorded from their phones in Vancouver and London, UK.

Roff explains the inspiration for his new album:

“So much of this upcoming album and this song was inspired by nature. Not our separateness from it, but our belonging and connectedness to Mother Earth and all things around us. Society, crony capitalism, and colonialism have tried to make us forget this; I don’t think intentionally but from a wounded place.”

Connor Roff’s luminous music embraces and showcases his dual nationality. He’s not afraid to explore the depths of both the light and the dark or combine genres such as alternative pop, folk, R&B, and even electronic. Connor’s songs and melodies reflect and celebrate his yoga teaching practice and passionate advocacy for the LGBT+ community.

Connor Roff “Somewhere Green” single artwork

Connor Roff “Somewhere Green” single artwork

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