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Walkout Music: “Pure Imagination” with UFC’s Westin Wilson

UFC’s Westin Wilson linked up with Andrew P. Oliver to create a new hard-hitting, Willy Wonka-inspired walkout song.



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If you’re a fan of combat sports, you know that a fighter’s ring-walk is a key moment during any fight night. Athletes have been walking out to their signature songs for decades in the business of prizefighting (a trend that was largely started when Muhammed Ali walked out to the Star Wars theme song in 1970), and the walkout song is often an extension of the fighter’s personality—chosen as a reflection of who they are and what persona they want to convey as they enter the octagon.

UFC featherweight Westin Wilson recently linked up with Andrew P. Oliver to create his new walkout song, a reimagined and hard-hitting rendition of the iconic “Pure Imagination” theme from the original Willy Wonka movie.

Andrew P. Oliver is a musician and music producer (Brother Oliver; Forthright Records) who has released a variety of popular remixes and instrumental tracks over the years. He took Westin’s vision and brought it to life by turning the chocolate factory on its head. Willy Wonka meets hip hop—tastefully, as it were.

About the experience, Wilson said:


“I’ve always wanted to walk out to ‘Pure Imagination.’ In the cage is where I get to let my imagination go wild . . . getting to go through this process and seeing the music side of things and how people produce these songs was super cool for me.”

Westin Wilson (left), Andrew P. Oliver (right); Photo by Dan Johnson

Westin Wilson (left), Andrew P. Oliver (right); Photo by Dan Johnson

The two have been working closely together on more than just music. There’s a new documentary in the works, produced by Forthright Records, that showcases Westin and Andrew as they set out to answer the question—what happens when you take an average person off the street and put them into the octagon with a professional fighter?

While no release dates have been shared just yet for the film—the new “Pure Imagination – Walkout Remix” is available now for streaming. Listen below and catch Westin Wilson vs Gabriel Santos, on January 13th on UFC Fight Night.

"Pure Imagination - Walkout Remix" by Andrew P. Oliver

“Pure Imagination – Walkout Remix” by Andrew P. Oliver