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New Saviors Release Their Brand New Single “Garden of Lies”

Vermont post-rock outfit New Saviors are pleased to release their brand new scathing single “Garden of Lies.”



New Saviors, photo by Ben Jennings

Vermont post-rock outfit New Saviors are set to release their moody and immersive new single “Garden of Lies” today across streaming platforms.

“Garden of Lies” is the follow-up to their Personal Hell EP, which was released earlier this year to great success. If you track the trajectories of any major act within the alternative music scene, it’s often experimentation and authenticity that kickstart a band’s grasp on the industry. New Saviors are ready for that kind of evolution and have delivered it with this latest single. It explores a dark and moody sonic landscape that would fit alongside notable acts such as Imminence, Parkway Drive, and In This Moment.

New Saviors have always addressed topics that they hold close to them, but the message of “Garden of Lies” holds a tremendous weight like none other in their discography.

Says singer Mick King:


“This song is our most ballsy callout to date. It’s about people who hide behind religion to justify their hateful words and actions. We poured our hearts, souls, and personal experiences into this track, and we want to use our platform to address issues like this because nobody has an excuse to do harm to others.”

“Garden of Lies” was mixed and mastered by Nick Matzkows (Attack Attack, Conquer Divide, Until I Wake), who brought a fresh voice and production quality to this single. New Saviors have consistent releases and touring scheduled through 2024, so get ready because you’ll be seeing their name a lot in the months to follow.

New Saviors are a Vermont-based four-piece fusing post-rock with injections of melodic metalcore to treat listeners to moody and immersive tracks that are relatable, emotional, and memorable. Since the release of their debut self-titled EP in 2020, the band has refined their craft and honed their sound. It culminated in their triumphant Personal Hell EP, released in early 2023. That EP has already amassed more than 120,000 streams on Spotify.

Supporting their latest effort, New Saviors proved themselves as a force to be reckoned with after taking the North and Southeastern regions by storm during three successful tours. It’s safe to say their journey is far from over, fueled by their larger-than-life aspirations to become a nationwide phenomenon.

New Saviors “Garden of Lies” single artwork

New Saviors “Garden of Lies” single artwork