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Malummí Unveil Their Sophomore Album ‘The Universe Is Black’ via Irascible Records



Malummí, photo by Dshamilja Kalt

Malummí are back with their sophomore album, The Universe Is Black, to be released today via Irascible Records. The new record is an eclectic fusion of minimalist, experimentally grunge-tinged indie rock and warm folk-pop, exploring different forms of relationships: to the self, to others, and to society. Fierce and blissful at the same time, Malummí’s new album is set to get under your skin.

After the debut album Blood (2021), Basel-based project Malummí now releases their second album, The Universe Is Black. It marks a shift from the calm and gentle, electronically infused pop sound of their debut, venturing into a broader alternative rock sound. Still, it retains familiar elements of the band’s intimate folk-pop with distinctive, expressive singing. On the new album, Malummí applies new forms of composition and arrangement, demonstrating their musical independence and breaking away from stylistic conventions.

Shaped by Malummí’s own personal experience, the album addresses the topics of different forms of relationships, self-love, mental health, rebirth, and vitality. The Universe Is Black also critically examines social constructs in a patriarchal, white society. Over the ten tracks, Malummí creates immersive soundscapes with musical and lyrical depth.

The title track, “The Universe Is Black,” enthralls with its ethereal vocal harmonies, surf guitars and dynamic drums. “Bones” has an uplifting tone, led by dreamy guitar riffs, blending shoegaze and modern alternative rock. “There Is No Thing” is fast, catchy, and energetic, with an upfront punk vibe. By contrast, “Society” recalls the folk-rock spirit of Big Thief and carries strong-willed lyrics (“society, let me be free”), and “You’re Not Gonna Ruin My Day” is soothing and comforting, with piano melodies and gentle guitar sounds.


After having played various club shows and festivals in Switzerland (BScene, B-Sides, m4music, Rock Altitude), Malummí are now ready to share their music with the world and play on international stages.

The Universe is Black Track Listing:

1. Society
2. There Is No Thing
3. Bones
4. Dreams
5. You’re Not Gonna Ruin My Day
6. The Universe Is Black
7. Something
8. Mother
9. In A Gentle Way
10. Diver

Malummí ‘The Universe Is Black’ album artwork

Malummí ‘The Universe Is Black’ album artwork