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Georgia Weber + The Sleeved Hearts Premiere Their Shining New “Kintsugi” Music Video

Georgia Weber and The Sleeved Hearts premiere their beautiful, AI-general music video for “Kintsugi” from their upcoming EP ‘Big In Japan.’



Georgia Weber, photo by Julia Drummond

Love songs aren’t for everyone, and as Georgia Weber may agree, even the writers of them don’t always adore them. The singer-songwriter and her band, The Sleeved Hearts, recently released her latest single, “Kintsugi,” and today she unveils its accompanying video.

Rather than your average performance video, this clip leans heavily on the innovative side. It uses AI technology to create a sort of dreamlike effect, a combination of principle photography and animation.

Discussing the thought process behind shooting and creating the video, Weber states:

“The music business has changed astronomically in my time as a musician. My feeling is if you don’t go with the technology, it will leave you behind. With that in mind, we decided to make our next video from AI technology. We wanted to explore AI as a way of making music videos and get comfortable with the technology. I love the dreamy aesthetic. The way the faces change makes me feel like this is a story for everybody, not just my story…”

As alluded to above, Weber is not the most lovey-dovey songwriter. In fact, she refers to “Kintsugi” as only the second love song she’s written and the first in 20 years. She felt that she had already found her last love, so why the need for new love songs?

As a song, “Kintsugi” is a heartfelt musing on a strong relationship that only gets stronger and more unique, even through the bad times. Kintsugi is Japanese pottery art that celebrates imperfections. When pottery becomes damaged, the cracks are filled with gold. Just like a strong relationship, it may suffer small cracks and breaks, but it gets filled in, and things are better than they were before. Breaking and repairing are considered something to celebrate rather than hide away.

We got to know Weber a little bit a few years ago when we chatted with her about her record Keeping It Real. Originally from Brisbane, Australia, she moved to New York City a decade ago to pursue a music career. Her guitarist in The Sleeved Hearts is half Japanese and half Austrian. He ended up having a large effect on the themes apparent in the band’s upcoming EP Big In Japan. The EP will be released very soon, featuring four new tracks. All four songs on the EP are heavily influenced by Japanese culture or tales. It’s an original, creative point of view from an artist who is always looking to evolve. You can always expect Georgia Weber to think outside the box, and ahead to her next musical challenge.

Georgia Weber + The Sleeved Hearts “Kintsugi” single artwork

Georgia Weber + The Sleeved Hearts “Kintsugi” single artwork