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Track-by-Track: Brii Elliss Takes Fans Inside Her New EP ‘All In’

Rising pop R&B sensation Brii Elliss takes fans behind her new six-track EP ‘All In,’ describing the inspiration behind each song.



Brii Elliss, photo courtesy of artist

Rising pop R&B sensation Brii Elliss has been teasing fans with a highly-anticipated EP… and it’s finally here. All In is a six-track masterpiece that dives into themes of dating, relationships, and the euphoria of falling in love. Captivating both hearts and ears with her soulful and melodious tunes, All In was created during the early stages of a long-term relationship. It was at a time when she was basking in the warm glow of genuine love for the first time. The EP perfectly encapsulates that unique phase in a relationship when mutual love is a revelation, and the world appears brighter and more enchanting. This is even reflected in the EP artwork, with its bright and colourful aesthetic.

Sonically, the record offers a delightful blend of mid-tempo love songs with a Pop R&B flare. Brii Elliss’ soulful voice and the EP’s catchy melodies are sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners. From the tender emotions of “Perfect 4 Me” to the vibrant energy of “Midas” and the enchanting harmonies of “Never Know,” the EP is a journey into the heart of love and the allure of relationships.

All In is an invitation to embrace love with open arms, just as Elliss has, and to enjoy every moment of its magic. Today, she offers us an inside look at each track and the stories they tell from her personal life.

1. “Now I Got U”

“‘Now I Got U’ is a moody anthem about meeting someone who changes your standards. It touches on a not-so-great relationship that was tolerated for a bit until someone way better came along. It’s about my experiences as well as my friends accepting less than we deserve sometimes when it comes to romance. When the right person comes along though, it makes us realize that we shouldn’t have accepted any less than being treated well and with respect.”

2. “Follow”

“‘Follow’ is a true love song. It captures the beginning phases of falling in love when the world around that person blurs, and they’re all you can think about. You get wrapped up in the possibilities of what could be and the excitement of finding out.”

3. “Perfect 4 Me”

“‘Perfect 4 Me’ is a direct conversation between two people who have fully fallen in love. They have reached a stage where they feel safe and warm. It’s about knowing you’ve found the person you want to spend your life with and all the reasons why they make you feel that way.”

4. “Midas”

“‘Midas’ is all about ignoring the doubters/haters in a relationship. It’s about shutting out the negative voices around you and leaning into love. By overcoming those hardships, you end up even closer.”

5. “Get Enough”

“‘Get Enough’ is a sassy pop-leaning track. It’s a play on a love song that’s a bit more playful and bouncy.”

6. “Never Know”

“‘Never Know’ is a smooth track about going with the flow of life and love and trusting you’ll end up where you need to be and with who you’re meant to be with. It’s about trusting the process and allowing the right person to fall into your lap naturally at the right time without forcing things.”

Brii Elliss 'All In' EP album artwork

Brii Elliss ‘All In’ EP album artwork

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