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Track-by-Track: Charlie John Dives Into His New Self-Titled Album ‘CHARLIE’

A peek inside Charlie John’s new self-titled album ‘CHARLIE’ with an exclusive track-by-track description from the artist.



Charlie John, courtesy of artist

Emerging singer-songwriter Charlie John is captivating music lovers with his newest release of the self-titled album CHARLIE. The new twelve-track record promises a diverse and eclectic sound, drawing influences from acoustic pop, singer-songwriter, pop rock, and even elements of dance. It demonstrates his growth as a songwriter and producer while also exploring the important life lessons he has gained throughout his journey.

A luminary in the contemporary music scene, Charlie John stands at the forefront of sonic exploration. The album pays homage to a wide array of musical inspirations, featuring tracks that draw from artists such as Phil Collins, John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, and The Band Camino, revealing Charlie John’s artistic versatility. Written over the past dozen years, the eclectic masterpiece invites listeners into his world for a moment as he weaves through the life lessons he’s learned while delivering an unparalleled auditory experience.

Charlie John’s musical career is nothing short of a fascinating narrative, marked by innovation, experimentation, and an unyielding passion for pushing the limits of his craft. From his humble beginnings to his current status as a musical trailblazer, Charlie John has consistently demonstrated an unparalleled ability to defy expectations and carve out a unique niche in the industry. He sat down with us for a closer look at the tracks that make up this album and for an insider’s peek into the inner workings and inspirations that spurred his creativity.

1. “Cheer Up”

“My angry, sarcastic, indie-pop-rock anthem aimed at my trauma (as well as others responding to my trauma). Learned some cool pop/rock production and more about how to get WALLS of sound from your electric guitars. I feel like this is a song I wrote solely to process my emotions and put out to try and connect. It’s the first track on the record and the first song I wrote for it, honestly. Had the bones and the hook in about 20 minutes. Took me months and months to figure out the rest.”

2. “All I Know”

“My first song written in LA with serious LA writers and producers. First time relinquishing my original music for others to finish. Incredibly proud of this giant pop track I got to lend my voice to.”

3. “Can You Hear Me?”

“Another big pop track! I learned a lot (most everything I know) from my dad, who’s a songwriter, producer, and singer. This song is a classic example of a GIANT hook that we both love to write, and he taught me how to produce.”

4. “Circles”

“More of a dance/pop tune. Got lost in the world of finding cool synth sounds for a while and snagged this tune from that world while I was there. Produced, mixed, mastered, and brought to life by my great friend Kevin Stokley.”

Charlie John 'CHARLIE' album art

Charlie John ‘CHARLIE’ album art

5. “Sun Comes Up” (feat. Clara Wilson)

“Have had this song done for a while now. I heard Clara singing at a local talent show I was also playing at many many years ago. Once I learned to produce and all that, I had a part of this song and really wanted a female voice. Called up Clara, and she helped me finish it and added her amazing voice as well. So lucky to have her on this track!”

6. “The Best Is Yet To Come”

“A song to my younger self. What would I tell him? What would be important enough to tell him if I only had a three-minute song? Follow your heart, kid.”

7. “Over My Head”

“A song for my wife. I feel every day that she makes me a better person, and every day, I’m in way over my head, and she’s out of my league. She calms and steadies me.”

8. “Hearts Don’t Break”

“A song to my wife about her heartbreak. Watching someone you love go through something so so terrible up close is awful. It was early in our relationship, so this song is my response to her heartbreak.”

9. “Sun Comes Up” (Acoustic)

“Acoustic and more singer-songwriter-y version of ‘Sun Comes Up.’ I honestly didn’t think I’d put out both versions. Just had two different ideas for the track and ended up loving them both.”

10. “I Can’t”

“My pop, lovey-dovey “I can’t live without you’ song, it seems most artists have. Produced by my dad.”

11. “Break Your Heart”

“An apology to a loved one. I was immature and didn’t know what I had. I didn’t mean to break your heart. Pretty self-explanatory.”

12. “Take Me Home”

“My thank you/love letter to Phil Collins. Also, a fitting song to wrap up the record. I thought.”

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