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Brooklyn’s Gooseberry Brings the NYC Indie-Pop Goodness on ‘Validate Me’

As they continue to become a larger part of the local scene, Brooklyn indie-pop act Gooseberry have released their new EP ‘Validate Me.’



Gooseberry, photo by Savannah Shealy

Since the release of their 2022 debut EP, Broken Dance, Gooseberry has been busy. Their eminently engaging music has tickled the ears and stirred the hearts of music fans across the Northeast and beyond. Deeply connected to the scene in NYC and Brooklyn, Asa Daniels (guitar, vocals), Evin Rossington (drums), and Will Hammond (bass) have dazzled crowds from the iconic Baby’s All Right to the legendary Knitting Factory.

Says Daniels:

“We are super fortunate to call a lot of really great, and buzzing, NYC bands our friends. We feel ourselves part of that community and eternally grateful for being welcomed with such open arms. Our hometown has truly shaped what this band has become.”

Conceived and fleshed out over the course of a year, Validate Me as a cohesive piece of art eloquently showcases the unique alternative rock sound that is wholly Gooseberry.

Explains Daniels:


“Life as a trio allows us to really lean into dynamics. We can hit you with a squall of distortion and guttural shouts, then shift on a dime and sing you a lullaby.”

Thematically, Validate Me grapples with the relationship between love and making art, magnifying the sacrifices and leaps of faith both require.

“Anger as a device can lead to both polished and rough expressions of passion. Much of that anger manifests from fear, which drives us down many wayward paths, whether it be fear of rejection, fear of too much understanding, or fear of losing control.”

Validate Me is foundationally, fundamentally, whole-heartedly Gooseberry. No more, no less. Daniels’s dynamic songwriting soaring over Rossington’s bombastic drums; Hammond’s fluid bass lines the glue holding it all together. Road-keen musicianship wrapped around witty lyricism. More than anything, though, Validate Me proves that Gooseberry knows exactly who they are; gritty rock born at the nexus of DIY and arena-ready pop, and good god, they are unapologetic about it.