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AP Tobler Releases Rhythmic Grunge Track ‘Death Waltz’



Today alternative grunge artist and multi-instrumentalist AP Tobler releases their single Death Waltz, combining their punk and grunge influences from Nirvana and Destroy Boys with the storytelling inspirations of Mitski to create a unique genre mashup.

Their music catalyzes AP’s mission to bring queer and transgender representation to alternative music and create a space for misfits to feel less alone. Accompanying the single is a comical music video where AP is a murderous guest at a steampunk masquerade.

When asked about the release, Tobler had this to say:

“Death Waltz is a peculiar meeting of waltz and grunge, put into the form of a sorrowful love letter to mortality.

The new track begins the journey leading up to Tobler’s upcoming album release in April 2024.


AP Tobler “Death Waltz” Single Artworkap