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Observe The 93rd Announce Upcoming Album, Release New Single ‘We Are Already Dead’



Today theatrical alt-rock duo Observe the 93rd unveil the details of their forthcoming album Eternalism and set the tone with their brand new single We Are Already Dead.

The track sets the stage by conveying the philosophical theory of eternalism, which proposes that the past, present, and future are all equally real and exist now. Given this theory, it means that at this very moment, we are simultaneously unborn, walking the earth, and long dead, just like the lyrics declare. It’s a chilling storyline that warrants ghostly imagery as we are haunted by every version of ourselves simultaneously.

The pounding synth, expressive vocals, melodic guitars, and soaring chorus showcase the band’s theatrical hard rock side inspired by Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, and 30 Seconds to Mars. The band’s full-length album Eternalism is set to release on December 15, 2023.

Vocalist Derek Henry commented on the new single:


“‘We Are Already Dead’ is the intro track and sets the stage for the main theme of the album- everything has already happened and also is happening, simultaneously. The past, present, and future are all equally real, and we are already dead.”

Observe The 93rd “Eternalism” Album Artwork

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