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CLAVVS Ponder the State of Human Connection with New Single “Interference”

Brooklyn-based indie pop duo CLAVVS have released their sober new single “Interference,” their first in three years.




Brooklyn-based indie pop duo CLAVVS (Amber Renee and Graham Marsh) mark their glorious return with the arrival of “Interference,” their first new single in three years. The release of the song comes alongside an accompanying lyric video.

“Interference” finds the pair grieving the state of human connection amidst ebullient, buoyant sound. That juxtaposition points to the heart of CLAVVS, a band making complicated songs feel light as air.

Said Renee of the new track:

“Since we last released music, my view of the world has become darker and a lot less trusting. I’ve lost faith in people, and I’ve witnessed our care for each other actively eroding. This song is about that breakdown of connection. It’s almost as if we’re all in separate realities trying to communicate through a forcefield of our own experiences.

“Understanding each other is more difficult than ever. Despite this cynicism, I try to hold on to a little bit of hope, and that finds its way into the song somewhere. I want to believe that we can find our way back to each other.”


As Marsh continued, “I really love how the optimism of the track juxtaposes with the darker meaning of Amber’s lyrics. And while the song is exploring the disruption in the world most of are feeling, the music gives a small hint of hope that maybe we can come out of the other side in a better place.”

Stay tuned for more new music from the duo coming soon.

CLAVVS “Interference” single artwork

CLAVVS “Interference” single artwork