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Il Sogno del Marinaio Release Their New EP ‘A Tribute To Miles Cooper Seaton’

International supergroup Il Sogno del Marinaio has released their brand new EP ‘A Tribute To Miles Cooper Seaton’ via Red Parakeet Records.



Il Sogno del Marinaio, photo by Alfred Jansen

The newest release from Il Sogno del Marinaio is not just a tribute to the memory of the great Miles Cooper Seaton but also a labour of love and further development of the tendencies that the great artist and composer had been exploring throughout his life.

“I’m so glad me and my fratelli have made this tribute to a great music cat whose life got taken, taken with yet so much to give, Miles Cooper Seaton,” states Mike Watt. Discussing the conceptual side of the release, he adds, “I hope people hearing our music for him will maybe help them to want to explore the music he himself made to share with all of us.”

The three pieces composed by all the members of Il Sogno del Marinaio were directly inspired by interactions, memories, and moments all the members shared with Miles Cooper Seaton. “We tried to let his voice still speak to us and through us thanks to the gift of knowing him and the connection we had with him, and to the practice of music,” explains Stefano Pilia. “…Something Miles deeply loved and brought into this world with courage, love, and devotion.”

“Miles Cooper Seaton was a great musician, capable of writing deep and meaningful songs. The music he made with the band Akron/Family was very significant for many. He was a generous man, always there for friends needing help and support,” says Andrea Belfi.


“I found in him one of the best friends I’ve ever had, someone I could open my heart to; however, the situation was about, he was never judging. His wild spirit was incredibly inspiring, as he had no fear of expressing his thoughts and emotions. I’m so happy I can pay this humble tribute to his life together with my Fratelli Mike Watt and Stefano Pilia, with whom I shared many adventures over the last few years. And in doing so, doing what Miles was fearlessly suggesting to others: in a world with so much sorrow surrounding us all, the greatest tool we have is to connect and share with people we love, with passion, compassion, and understanding and for each other.”

A Tribute to Miles Cooper Seaton is available now on translucent orange vinyl (500 units) and black vinyl (500 units) exclusively from Red Parakeet Records. Pre-order the release here. Il Sogno del Marinaio (Italian for “the sailor’s dream”) is an international supergroup made up of Andrea Belfi (drums), Mike Watt (bass), and Stefano Pilia (guitar). Since 2013, Il Sogno del Marinaio has released two studio albums, La Busta Gialla (2013) and Canto Secondo (2014).

Il Sogno del Marinaio ‘A Tribute To Miles Cooper Seaton’ album artwork

Il Sogno del Marinaio ‘A Tribute To Miles Cooper Seaton’ album artwork