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Track-by-Track: Claire Reneé Walks Through Seasons of Life in New EP ‘Journal Entries 1-4’

Claire Reneé treats listeners to an in-depth track-by-track description of each song on her new EP, ‘Journal Entries 1-4.’



Claire Reneé, photo by Rachel Summer, assisted by Ali Huxman

Claire Reneé is more than a musician—she’s an immersive journey. And she’s taking fans on that journey with her new EP Journal Entries 1-4, comprised of four emotionally charged singles that inspire and resonate with listeners of all genres.

Flowing through various life scenarios and circumstances that lead us to express ourselves in some way – journaling has always been a nostalgic passion for Claire. Each entry represents one point in time, and if you look back on your words while in another chapter of your life, the things you can uncover are awe-striking.

“Journal entries can reveal so much about the past, whether that is looking back on a challenge you overcame or realizing how stuck you were in that moment of struggle Looking back on dated words is a bittersweet moment of pride that makes you realize your inner strength and determination to carry on.” – Claire Reneé

Creating each song and melody, pouring her soul into each sentiment, we wanted to hear more about the inspiration behind each track. Read on for an in-depth look at the experiences that shaped the songs in Claire’s own words.

1. “Stay Away”


“‘Stay Away’ is a song that I wrote while in the studio with Jaye Locke. We have all had our dumb in-love moments where red flags still couldn’t keep us away. We ignore the voice of our intuition. I brought myself back to that place, and the lyrics started to pour out. At first, the chords started off straight, so I mentioned that going for a reggae laid-back swing might be cool. As we continued to build the song, I kept hearing this repetitive melody, and that’s how I ended up with the refrain used in the intro. I lent my accent to it since I’m of Caribbean descent, and it made sense in the song for that refrain to portray my intuition speaking. The break in the song was us just having fun in the studio, and we ended up liking this experiment with 808s and this idea of an EDM switch-up. I loved making this record. It was different from what I usually make.”

2. “Sadder Days”

“‘Sadder Days’ was the first song Jaye Locke and I worked on. It’s also the first single off of this EP. I had this hook in my journal already, and then I started to write a much more dramatized version of what it felt like to be left in the dust abruptly by someone in the verses. No clear closure or communication of an end is tough. I realized that I bounced back by letting it be what it was. We don’t always need closure once someone shows us who they are and when they can’t show up for themselves or the people they claim to care for. This song and how it came to fruition is also partly why I chose the EP name. I went back to something I wrote at a particular time in my life and used it for something new. That ended up being a theme in the creation of these songs.”

Claire Reneé 'Journal Entries 1-4’ album artwork, photo by Rachel Summer, assisted by Annie Denten

Claire Reneé ‘Journal Entries 1-4’ album artwork, photo by Rachel Summer, assisted by Annie Denten

3. “Waste My Time”

“This song was really fun to write and was the second single for this EP. I hadn’t even noticed that it sounded like the opposite of ‘Sadder Days’ until later. This is why it’s the following track. This was one of those songs where I came into the studio with Jaye and said let’s make something. It’s uptempo and empowered me to write about not allowing BS. Sometimes, you are so over it you have to affirm it. It represents reaching the other side of a breakup or any breakdown. The lyrics came easy, and honestly, it was just a vibe.”

4. “I Don’t Wanna Wait”


“I started on my own with some basic production for this song. I knew I wanted 808s again, but in a much more soulful way. I brought what I had started to my homie Sam Hoffman, and we turned it into a complete song. I took it back and sat with it. I wrote and recorded this in my home studio, aka my bedroom, and it felt like an intentional question mark sonically, but I also wanted it to feel uplifting. This whole song came from me looking at old journal entries.

“My journey, particularly with music, has ebbed, flowed, and hit highs and lows. I saw lows as punishment and treated not getting as high as I wanted as a failure. It’s hard for me still not to do this. Our art is such a labor of love, and it’s so personal. This song was a reminder to myself and anyone who might need it that your path is yours and yours only. Sometimes, we fall into the trap of thinking that anything significant can only happen if we get some spiritual message, a sign in the clouds, or a perfect alignment of the stars. Most of the time, it’s faith in ourselves and honoring where that can take us.”

Claire Reneé 'Journal Entries 1-4’ album artwork, back cover

Claire Reneé ‘Journal Entries 1-4’ album artwork, back cover

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