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Caroline Cotter Premieres the Music Video for Her Thoughtful New Single “Antonia”

Singer-songwriter Caroline Cotter premieres the music video for her thoughtful, introspective new single “Antonia.”



Caroline Cotter, photo by Katherine Emery

When you get to travel for a living like Caroline Cotter, the road becomes your home. And along the way, you end up meeting a lot of interesting people who touch you in various ways. Today, Cotter unveils her latest music video for “Antonia,” from her latest record, Gently as I Go.

As a musician, Cotter’s travels have taken her to many interesting places. And the interactions and memories you pick up along the way, in a sense, serve as the basis of who you are. These brushes with humanity end up becoming one of the true gifts of the job.

Explaining the basis and origins of “Antonia,” Cotter explains:

“‘Antonia’ is the story of a mother and daughter growing apart. Antonia’s mother looks at their relationship with nostalgia and longing as Antonia grows into a teenager and dreams of moving to Paris, far away from her mother, to become a painter. I wrote this song following a conversation with a woman I met after a show in Prague. We were talking about songwriting and she shared with me a little about her life and her relationship with her daughter. I wrote this song for her, inspired by her story, the history, aesthetic and energy of Prague, and the challenges of letting go.”

The overarching message behind Gently as I Go is that home can be anywhere to you. What matters more are the people around you and the love and support they provide. Released this past August, the album is really about connection and how it gets us by. Cotter wrote the bulk of this record just prior to the pandemic and its associated lockdowns. This had a paralyzing effect on her, as she lost all motivation to do anything. Cotter sat on these songs for a few years and finally decided to release them.


The reason for giving into herself and releasing them was because the message behind the songs is rather universal. Everyone goes through changes, if our reaction is right it can be a beautiful thing. And there is comfort to be taken from that realization, which Cotter hopes rubs off on her listeners.

Caroline Cotter ‘Gently As I Go’ album artwork

Caroline Cotter ‘Gently As I Go’ album artwork