With the right amount of grit and attitude, The Get Arounds arrive with their new “Black and White” music video. The release of the video comes in support of their new record I Wanna Live, released this past February.

Much of that grit and attitude is provided by lead singer Lana Ryma. She may remind you of the angsty, female-fronted punk rock acts of the 1990s where attitude counted for a lot. Ryma has exported that no-nonsense approach to the present, where what you see is what you get. The band specializes in short, catchy songs, meant to stick in your head. You know, rock club kind of stuff that gets everyone up…

Commenting on “Black and White,” Ryma states:

“The song is a reflection on an old friend and the realization we are living in very separate worlds now. People change. Life goes on. Sometimes it’s easy sometimes it’s challenging. And now we agree to disagree.”

The Get Arounds formed in Vancouver, BC, during the COVID-19 lockdown. Ryma and guitarist Carman Lethbridge were stuck in their house with nothing to do except write songs. Ryma was not an experienced vocalist at the time, but she wanted to give it a shot. Her talents on the microphone became quite readily apparent. It soon became obvious that she should act as the frontperson for this newly developing act.

A feel-oriented approach is how they approach writing songs. The band primarily focuses on whether a song feels good or feels appropriate. They prefer to let things naturally evolve rather than go into songwriting with preconceived notions of how things should sound. I Wanna Live is made up of mostly new songs, with a couple that had been hanging around for a few years. The result is something very organic sounding. There’s no forcing it with The Get Arounds; it’s all coming straight from the heart.

The Get Arounds “Black and White” single artwork
The Get Arounds “Black and White” single artwork

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