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Solbore Premieres His Music Video for the Cathartic Single “Back In Time” feat. Varsity Star

Ambient artist Solbore premieres his majestic music video for “Back In Time” (Rainbow Bridge Records), featuring Varsity Star.




Adversity often brings out the best in people, and it certainly did for Solbore, the namesake of musician Vlad Matveikov. Today, he unveils the music video “Back In Time,” featuring Elliot Berman, also known as Varsity Star. This is the second single from the upcoming debut full-length from Solbore, titled Never Alone, Often Lonely. The album is due out on February 16th, 2024, via Rainbow Bridge Records.

Explains Matveikov about his new music:

“I wrote this song and video idea while in lockdown, in the rural setting of the Madrid mountains. I was bedridden while recovering from an injury and longing to be out in the world, so I wrote this little adventure story. After three months I could finally walk again, and so I found a local videographer and a few kids, built a raft, and began to shoot.”

The hardship that Matveikov encountered really helped him in gaining some perspective on his life. In addition to his injury, he had also recently ended a relationship and lost someone close to him. Recording this new album and shooting this new video became part of a mental exercise for him. It became a guide for change, a tool he used to help take control, and change the course of his own life. Stylistically, the record is heavily inspired by neo-classical, drone, and ambient music. There’s a minimalistic approach taken, with glowing soundscapes, and elaborate beauty.

Never Alone, Often Lonely is in itself a meditation and reflection on change. There are moments of melancholy and it’s certainly pensive at times, but there’s also a certain peace of mind that it lent to Matveikov in a difficult time. Deeply honest and introspective, it’s an experience of healing that he hopes will connect with listeners who feel the same way he did.


Solbore “Back In Time” single artwork

Solbore “Back In Time” single artwork