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Savej Brings Pure Energy with New Album ‘Entheogenetic’

Savej’s full ‘Entheogenetic’ album is coming out on Gravitas Recordings on September 29th. It’s a multi-cultural blend of bass sounds.



Savej at Envision Festival, photo by Ryan Quella

Savej’s full album Entheogenetic is out now via Gravitas Recordings, and it is a multi-cultural blend of ancient future and world bass. This genre-bending journey pays homage to various cultures that have influenced the artist and celebrates their history through a new idea of music.

This album digs deep into the ancient idea of music and is packed full of influences. It includes collaborations with SOOHAN, Liquid Bloom, Lil Fish, Johnny Buffalo, and Ronnā Yawa.

Regarding the new record, Savej shares:

“For this album, each track dives into a different cultural vocal context while maintaining a unified musical thread. Each culture whose vocals/chants were used has a longstanding spiritual or shamanic tradition, many of which seem to have a common point of origin deep in prehistory.

“As usual with my music, the intention is to highlight the melting pot that is Earth, pay homage to various cultures who have paved the way for truth seekers, and to create a sense of celebratory unity as we collectively drop into dance to move these sonic messages through our bodies and remember our deepest essence through groove and bass.”


The last “Wacomaya” single is donating 100 percent of proceeds to the non-profit organization Futuro Nativo. It is in an effort to support the solar project aimed at acquiring solar panels for Ronnã’s village in the Brazilian Amazon. Savej’s album uplifts cultures like this through music. He creates a beautiful exploration through different ideas and many ancient traditions under one cohesive journey. From start to finish, listeners will get the signature Savej Sound.

Entheogenetic is out now on all DSPs; listen via your favourite today!

Savej “Yarnana” (ft. Lil Fish) single artwork

Savej “Yarnana” (ft. Lil Fish) single artwork

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