Fresh off the heels of his idiosyncratic visual odyssey for “Nevermind” (receiving an exclusive premiere on, Ryan Liberty Megan is back to rattle the aural cosmos with his newest track, “Sweep.” Having already gotten the ball rolling last month with the release of “Chorus” on Aug 1st (as featured on Canadian Beats), and its accompanying music video, he’s returned with another avant-garde single. “Sweep” definitively shatters the sonic stratosphere, offering listeners a departure from the commonplace pop-hooks and retread indie sensibilities that have inundated airwaves. The single is available across all streaming platforms as of today, September 8th.

If the likes of Tom Waits, Billy Bragg and Wayne Coyne had a digital-age offspring, it would echo in the corridors of “Sweep.” Shunning formulaic approaches, this track is an esoteric escape route from the tyranny of the predictable. Synthesizers and organic instruments blend in an ethereal communion, while Ryan’s soul-laden vocals carve hieroglyphs on the walls of our eardrums.

“Imagine… a phone call that’s being made to the most fragile part of you, giving you instructions on how to survive other humans, how to survive humanity. And in the end, the most important part of that advice or sage wisdom is to be able to just sweep it away.”

While “Nevermind” left us pondering the struggle between self-love and the desperate desire for external validation, “Sweep” thrusts us into an existential realm where moments are fleeting, but their emotional imprints last a lifetime. It’s not just a song; it’s a psychotropic journey in three minutes and forty-five seconds.

Ryan Liberty Megan’s “Sweep” is not merely another track to add to your playlist. It’s an experience—otherworldly yet intimately familiar—that echoes long after the final chord resonates. It’s the antidote for those jaded by the saccharine platitudes and formulaic beats that often masquerade as ‘innovation’ in today’s music industry.

Ryan Liberty Megan "Sweep" single artwork
Ryan Liberty Megan “Sweep” single artwork