In his still-emerging music career, Ariel Posen has worn many hats. He has been a studio musician and session player for many well-known acts. The list includes Tom Jones, Butch Walker, and Scary Pockets. He’s made such an impression that John Mayer referred to Posen as one of his favourite guitar players. This is a sentiment echoed by many significant publications and news outlets, including Rolling Stone, Guitar Player, and the CBC.

Now, Posen is carving out his own place as a recording artist with his new full-length record Reasons Why. The album was just released on September 8th via Soundly Music. He began work on the ten-track collection in early 2020. Then the pandemic lockdown arrived, and it provided an unexpected opportunity for Posen to really focus. With that focus, he reached a peak level of creativity, which is part of why there is such a diversity of sounds on this record. Compared to Posen’s previous work, Reasons Why represents a step forward in every aspect. From the musicality to the lyrics to the musicianship to the production, it’s all on a whole other level.

Ariel Posen ‘Reasons Why’ album artwork
Ariel Posen ‘Reasons Why’ album artwork

Describing the record as a whole, Posen states:

Reasons Why refers to the explanation behind how we act, why we act, why things happened and why we are the way that we are. This serves as a look into how an event or a relationship can alter someone’s train of thought.”

Posen joins us today for a track-by-track look at the new record as he provides some insight into the major themes at play on this charming batch of new songs.

1. “Time Can Only Tell”

“This is about the relationship we have with time, and how we hold onto our own memories, and how time either heals wounds or continues to trouble you. At the end of the day, it feels like we are almost not in control of it at all.”

2. “I Wish That We Never Met”

“This is a song from the perspective of someone who ended a relationship and was in the wrong. Instead of working on yourself, you think that the other person was the problem and figure it would’ve all been easier if you had never come across each other.”

Ariel Posen “I Wish That We Never Met” single artwork
Ariel Posen “I Wish That We Never Met” single artwork

3. “Feel This Way Too”

“It’s about moving to different places and starting over numerous times. It can be very lonely and cathartic. This is a reach out to anyone else out there that might have ever felt the same way and can relate.”

4. “Learning How To Say Goodbye”

“About that moment that you finally remove toxic people out of your life for good.”

5. “So Easy”

“We tend to focus on the negative and would rather feel sorry for ourselves and stay hurting sometimes, rather then looking to go the hard way to find happiness.”

6. “Broken But I’m Fine”

“Anxiety is something we all deal with whether we know it or not. This is speaking on how even if it or other mental health things occur, you’re not completely broken; you’re still a human, and all you can do is keep trucking along.”

7. “Didn’t Say”

“Relationships often end because of things that were said. However, in this case, it’s all about the things that weren’t said that could’ve saved the relationship.”

Ariel Posen “Man You Raised” single artwork
Ariel Posen “Man You Raised” single artwork

8. “Man You Raised”

“No matter how we end up as adults, whether good or bad, and even if it’s not the way our parents wanted, we’ll always be their children and the man/woman that they raised.”

9. “Choose”

“This is a song about the decision to finally forgive someone after a long battle or falling out. It can be hard to be the bigger person. Even though you are in good terms, you still might not be 100 percent there, and all the other factors, including mutual friends, come into play.”

10. “Always Moving On”

“A song about missing friends and family when always on the road and away.”


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