With punk roots and power-pop sensibilities, Alternative-punk band Family Man unveils their latest single, “CRAWLERS.” Relentless and brutal are the two words that define the group’s evolving sound. Their debut EP, What’s New, was a refined cacophony of experimental synths, deeply personal lyricism and punk enthusiasm. When asked about the future, the band has said that they are moving on to address deeper issues such as sexuality, religion, deeply rooted trauma, and death.

Family Man comments on the “CRAWLERS” genre-bending sound:

“We’re no country band, yet ‘CRAWLERS’ has a very present western tonality to it. The vocal delivery has a sassiness to it that we have yet to broach in our songs that further deepens the comedic self-loathing that the song is about.”

Iconoclast, the forthcoming album, explores the darker sides of the member’s life experiences and condenses it all into a gut-wrenching and poignantly intentional piece of work. Despite the weight of the topics Iconoclast is based on, the group has managed to retain a “tongue-in-cheekiness” about themselves, which speaks to the underlying theme of finding true comfort in the most uncomfortable situations.

Their latest single, “CRAWLERS,” explores the idea of a toxic relationship and the line between symbiosis and parasitism. Drawn from personal experience, the song equates a toxic person to an insect, nothing more than a soul-sucking parasite. While we are quick to blame them for their indiscretions, upon further reflection, however, the earth-shattering conclusion that we are also at fault can be just as devastating as we see ourselves “becoming a crawler too”. For updates and more information, Family Man, go HERE.

Family Man “CRAWLERS” single artwork
Family Man “CRAWLERS” single artwork




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