Last night I got to see some of the mega giants of the indie music world, Phoenix and Beck, come together, and play an incredible show. Now, these two artists have been at it for quite some time, and I was pleasantly surprised when I heard they would be going on tour. I was even more shocked when I discovered they would be coming only 98 miles from where I live to the Walmart AMP in Rogers, Arkansas. Being as I have been a fan of Phoenix and Beck, I knew I had to go be at this show.

And Phoenix and Beck did not disappoint. Phoenix was an incredible opener. They brought their French charm and electronica and set the mood perfectly for the evening. They were also quite theatrical as well. They had a masked man on stage for one of their songs, which led to the masked man taking the head off of the lead singer. There was also another cool moment where the lead singer got out a pair of binoculars with a camera attached to them, and throughout one of their songs, he would point the binoculars at the crowd, and they would appear on the huge screen behind them. It was such a cool thing to witness in person. One of the other things I loved about Phoenix is that they played for an hour or more, which really cemented the show as both Phoenix and Beck headlined the night.

Up next was the rock legend Beck, and he might have put on one of the best live shows I’ve seen at this venue. He played all of his hits, from “Devil’s Haircut” to “Loser,” and even played some lesser-known songs. I was most surprised with how heavy they were. They sounded like something from the rock and roll gods. I didn’t hate it, and I absolutely loved just how gritty and raw it was. With an artist like Beck, I didn’t know what I expected because he’s such an all-over-the-place musician, so when he turned his rock vibe up to 11, I was thrilled. He also had incredible visuals. All of the imagery was mind-blowing and something you need to see in person.

Beck finished off the set with “Where it’s at,” but before he did that, he invited Phoenix to come out, and they performed a song they both made together for this tour. It was so so cool to see live in person these two giants in the music world perform together.

I covered a lot of what happened that night, but there’s so much more. You definitely have to check it out if they come to a town near you.