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Defueld Get Back into the Ring with Their ‘Octagon’ Album Premiere

With 20 years behind them and a bright future ahead, heavy metallers Defueld unveil their brand new album ‘Octagon.’



Defueld, photo courtesy of Defueld

If you’re ready to fight, then Defueld wants you to know they got your back. Today is your first experience of their new record, Octagon, a long-awaited new release from the Stockholm band. The pummeling new record has what you’ve come to expect: big hooks, infectious riffs, and singalong choruses.

The album is something of a celebration, too, arriving 20 years since the band’s formation in 2003. Due out officially this Friday, September 1st, the last couple of years have been something of a resurgence for Defueld. They have released seven singles since the start of 2022, including Octagon’s first single, “Touch The Sky.” If you missed it, we premiered the official “Touch The Sky” video last December.

Discussing the significance of Octagon and the story behind the record, the band states:

“The name Octagon refers to the MMA fighting ring which in this case symbolizes what the songs are about; there is always a fight going on in life, be it an internal fight with your own haunting demons or an external threat such as war or climate change. From soaring leads to grunting riffs, this is a heavy, metalcore inspired, album that is not ashamed to admit it has taken a few leads from the world of pop. From catchy choruses and nasty breakdowns, there is something for most on this album.”

It’s been quite an ascension for Defueld over these last two decades. They’ve released numerous records dating back to 2009’s debut self-titled release. It was considered a revelation for the world of thrash and heavy rock, but it was far from one-dimensional. Over the years, their songwriting has grown to become more well-rounded. You’ll hear blazing guitars, throat scorching vocals, but also more melodic moments, like on the aforementioned first single, “Touch The Sky.”

With an album release show coming up soon in September and shows to follow soon, Defueld has officially stepped back into the Octagon and is ready to do battle!

Octagon Track Listing:

1. Erase
2. A Permanent Solution
3. Baptism Of Fire
4. Siren Of The Ocean
5. Broken
6. Saints & Sinners
7. Leeches
8. Angel
9. Fragments (Instrumental)
10. Touch The Sky

Defueld ‘Octagon’ album artwork

Defueld ‘Octagon’ album artwork