If the COVID pandemic had one benefit, it was that it lent both time and perspective to great artists such as Alex Frenkel. We get to experience some of the results of that, in hindsight, invaluable time and perspective with the reveal of Frenkel’s solo moniker Caicos’ new music video for “Subsequent Footprint.” The song also features the talents of Philadelphia rapper lojii, who closes this nice, mellow indie jam with an epic verse that adds some real urban flavour to the affair.

The video itself is just as smooth as its accompanying track, formulated and directed by Rozalina Burkova. Burkova is a highly talented illustrator, visual artist, and animator. You can see those animation and artistic talents well on display here. The artist has been featured in The New York Times, Gucci, Human Rights Watch, Subpop Records, and Polyvinyl Records.

Discussing the song and the collaboration that heeded it and the video, Frenkel comments:

“My next single ‘Subsequent Footprint’ explores how learning things that you never knew about yourself can compel life-altering changes within, which might be hard to deal with initially, but will ultimately leave you more at peace than you were before.

“Both lojii and Rozalina are long-time friends of mine. We’ve collaborated on various projects in the past, and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work on this song with them. Together, they have helped me create the visceral aural and visual landscape to give this song its identity, each in their own unique way.”

“Subsequent Footprint” will be found on the brand new Caicos record Ascension Intention. The record is due to be released on September 15th via #veryjazzed. The album features much more of Frenkel’s warm, layered, introspective approach to music. This is a style he has been hashing out now since his days as one of the primary songwriters of the early 2010s indie ensemble Gospels. He has also acted as a longtime collaborator of the esteemed New York-based indie singer-songwriter Gabriel Garzón-Montano.

With long days spent mostly alone during long periods of various lockdowns, Frenkel had the time and focus to put everything he had into Ascension Intention. Within these songs, he tries to make sense of the more existential questions that we were asking ourselves during this time, focused on our purpose, priorities, pressures, and the passage of time. With this his fourth studio record, the album shows a lot of artistic growth, built upon the foundation of those three previous records. The vocals are expanded, the instrumentation is more elaborate, and the breadth of the songs is much broader. This is Frenkel at his best, thus far, sounding like a man who has had a lot on his mind and is happy to have a medium to get it all off his chest.

Ascension Intention Track Listing:

1. Continue In Me
2. Bruise Or Blush
3. A Spade A Spade
4. Played Out
5. Evolution
6. Subsequent Footprint (feat. lojii)
7. Swallowing Swords
8. Bear The Glare
Bonus: Subsequent Footprint (Clay Wilson Remix)

Caicos ‘Ascension Intention’ album artwork
Caicos ‘Ascension Intention’ album artwork