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Will Rainier – ‘Wobble in the Moon’ [Album Review]

Will Rainier’s ‘Wobble in the Moon’ is a visceral, affecting album full of deliciously unctuous washes of pedal steel and soft, welcome melodies.



Will Rainier ‘Wobble in the Moon’ album artwork

Seattle-based singer-songwriter Will Rainier recently released his new long player, Wobble in the Moon, written, produced, and recorded by himself.

Almost country, almost Americana, the songs on the album convey tangs of both while at the same time adding traces of indie-rock. Just enough to stave off easy categorization.

Speaking about his songwriting, Rainier says, “When people ask me about my inspiration for writing songs, there’s no magic to it. I just plug away at it from day to day. I guess the secret, if there is one, is to show up and do the work.”

The album features a stellar line-up of musicians — with Will himself playing multiple instruments, along with Jen Garret (vocals, cello), Christine Hager (piano), Raymond Richards (pedal steel), Kevin Suggs (pedal steel, baritone guitar), and Chad Yenney (bass).


Embracing 10 tracks, entry points on the album include the opening track, “The Patio,” a retro-flavored, drawling country song that meanders on gleaming textures and languid, dreamy vocals.

There’s a latent, cutting edge to “Dark Secret Heart,” an edge oozing dark, mystical sensuality, encircling the harmonics with portentous shadows like gloomy auguries. Whereas the title track, if one listens carefully, projects traces of surf-rock, which, when blended with Americana savors, creates a floating on thick mists quality.

Will Rainier, photo courtesy of Will Rainier

Will Rainier, photo courtesy of Will Rainier

The final track, “Into the Dark,” reveals lush layers of pedal steel and echoing vocal harmonies. Crying pedal steel coloration pervades the album, giving it glistening, silky surfaces marinated in twang. It’s a nice touch, providing tantalizing inflections.

Rainier’s voice deserves attention. It’s relaxed and effortless, vaguely akin to Buddy Miller mingled with Leon Russell – a bit reedy but expressive and haunting.

Wobble in the Moon is a visceral, affecting album full of deliciously unctuous washes of pedal steel and soft, welcome melodies.


Wobble in the Moon Track Listing:

1. The Patio
2. Are You Waving Goodbye (feat. Jen Garrett)
3. Dark Secret Heart
4. Your Machine
5. Wobble in the Moon
6. To Supreme
7. Endless
8. Somewhere Tonight
9. Mushroom Gnome & Golden Boy
10. Into the Dark

Run Time: 32:05
Release Date: June 30, 2023
Record Label: Independent