Serial entrepreneur Miki Agrawal, renowned for her disruptive innovation and impactful ventures such as TUSHY and THINX, takes a bold step into the music industry with her debut album, It All Exists, out now under the moniker Soul Gaze, with veteran musician Happie Hoffman.

With a prolific career as a social entrepreneur, Agrawal has made a name for herself by challenging the status quo and changing cultural narratives. While she is widely recognized for her successful ventures and best-selling books, Agrawal is venturing into uncharted territory with her first foray into music, inspired by her recent divorce from her partner of 11 years. Out now on all digital platforms, It All Exists showcases Agrawal’s unique creative expression and features collaborations with Happie Hoffman and the fourth-generation professional musician, producer Gene Evaro Jr.

Agrawal’s introduction to the music world came through her involvement with the creative community and her deep connection with the Daybreaker movement. Founded by her twin sister, Daybreaker organizes epic morning dance parties worldwide, where movement and dance serve as a spiritual practice to shift energy at the start of the day. Inspired by the power of dance as a healing tool, Agrawal saw music as the next edge for her creative expression.

Reflecting on the album, Agrawal shares:

“Music became a potent outlet for me during my transition out of my marriage. It allowed me to express my deepest yearnings, desires, frustrations, and realizations about love. Collaborating with Happie Hoffman and Gene Evaro Jr. was an incredible journey of trust and vulnerability. We explored the fusion of dance music and heartfelt lyrics to create an album that shifts energy and promotes healing.”

It All Exists Track Listing:

1. Antarctica
2. Do Less Be More
3. Fire
4. The Queen
5. Six Little Words
6. Fart In The Wind
7. The Juice
8. Changed

Soul Gaze ‘It All Exists’ album artwork
Soul Gaze ‘It All Exists’ album artwork

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