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Mary Shelley Premiere Their Summer-Ready “Goin’ To The Beach” Music Video

With their latest single, Mary Shelley are “Goin’ To The Beach.” Check out the video for the aggressive, piercing, sharp, and oh-so-pleasing piece of post-punk revival.



Mary Shelley, photo by Michele LoBianco (@brooklynelitist)

Supercharged is the speed at which Mary Shelley like to move, as you’ll take notice of on their new single “Goin’ To The Beach.” Aggressive, piercing, sharp, and oh-so-pleasing, this is like a piece of post-punk revival but infused with a kind of frantic disco beat that makes it a perfect party song.

As a band, the quartet tries to take an impulsive approach towards their songwriting, which is smart since it produces songs such as “Goin’ To The Beach” that perhaps wouldn’t have the same flavour and tone if they were something that a band was sitting on, endlessly fine-tuning the hell out of.  Dancing is kind of the whole point of it, as the quartet so artfully illustrated on their 2022 debut album Look at You.

Checking in with a comment, the band states:

“Upon the precipice of understanding our global environmental catastrophe, Mary Shelley brings a sea shanty back to the landscape of A Vodka Movie; featuring guest artists such as David Hasselhoff’s left? foot, wealthy/UV-conscious dolphins, and the stolen sunglasses of the B-52’s. Swim into the sea with the fervor of the Four Loko coursing through thy veins… salt-stung eyes easing further back into the head… ahhh…”

You can definitely detect the local influence in this Brooklyn four-piece, but you can also hear so many other influences within their sound, like more west coast and surfer punk. They go to great lengths to make sure all of their songs stand out, with none sounding much like any other. Their live show is, as you might expect, quite legendary, with everything from band members jumping off of amps, and aggressive moshing to more tender moments when it feels like it’s time for everyone to join hands in support of each other.


They have become quite a hit in two of the punk capitals of the world, New York and London, with fans flocking to that one and only Mary Shelley charm. They are gravitating towards that classic punk spirit, reminiscent of a time when punk was a way of life. Gratefully, it still is for Mary Shelley.

Tour Dates:

08/08 – Portsmouth, NH, The Press Room
08/09 – Boston, MA, O’Brien’s Pub
08/10 – Rochester, NY, Bug Jar
08/11 – Toronto, ON, Bar Orwell
08/12 – Cleveland, OH, Happy Dog
08/13 – Pittsburgh, PA, Spirit
08/15 – Chicago, IL, Golden Dagger
08/16 – St. Louis, MO, The Sinkhole
08/17 – Atlanta, GA, 529

Mary Shelley “Goin’ To The Beach” single artwork

Mary Shelley “Goin’ To The Beach” single artwork