You’ll feel pretty ‘content’ checking out the latest album from Chicago diet punk band Guardrail. Officially released today via Open Your Ears Records, the twelve-track effort is the most dialed-in the band has ever been in crafting their unique sound.

With their previous EP and single releases, the quintet was working hard to hash out exactly what they wanted to sound like, and on Content, they felt the freedom to explore different styles and finetune how they wanted to define themselves musically. It even features the Chicago group’s first-ever acoustic track, first love song, and first song with bassist Alyssa Laessig assuming lead vocal duties.

Each member, lead singer Kevin Andrew, guitarists Ken Ugel and Xack Brame, drummer Doug Brand, and the aforementioned Laessig, really heavily contributed to the writing and recording of Content. This has helped create balance, with each band member having their moments to shine throughout the twelve-track affair.

To celebrate the release of Content, the band joins us today for a track-by-track rundown of each song on the record, offering an inside look at the themes and subject matter at the root of this album.

1. “Seriously?”

“A NOFX parody bit leading into blast beats was the only way to launch into the record. One of the first songs written for during the pandemic lockdown, also features a soaring guitar solo from our newly-permanent guitarist Xack.”

2. “Different Universe (feat. Alex Crook)”

“People seem to be in their own little world these days more than ever. You see it online, driving, and walking down the street. This headbanger track shows disdain for the lack of empathy in our community.”

3. “Down At The Bottom”

“This song takes the time to appreciate where and who you are right now instead of always yearning for better things. The first track that Doug brought to the table.”

4. “Joke’s On Me”

“Sometimes you’re too depressed or mentally-exhausted to deal with life. It’s ok to take a break.”

Guardrail ‘Content’ album artwork
Guardrail ‘Content’ album artwork

5. “Game Over, Man! (feat. Vince Gannon)”

“Between politics turning into a reality show, climate change, wars, mass shootings, social media, maybe we should have wrapped this shit up in 2012 like the Mayan calendar seemed to think.”

6. “Here Again”

“This track explores feeling stuck in a routine you hate and searching for the strength to make a change to pull yourself out of it.”

7. “Silhouette”

“Our first-ever love song about being with someone you feel is way out of your league.”

8. “Nostalgiacore”

“We all have those old friends that we lost touch with but still follow on social media, cheering them on from afar. Listening to those old songs from the good ol’ days (we reference several of them) brings back those memories.”

9. “[The Long Song Title Song]”

“This pissed-off under-two-minute banger is an anthem for those of us with right-wing family members who would rather blindly follow politicians and conspiracy theories than actually listen to and have relationships with you. Ask us for the real title of this song.”

10. “Guilt Trip”

“Kevin and Alyssa switch places entirely on this tune about leaving a toxic relationship.”

11. “Save It (feat. Taylor Ericson)”

“If someone is hurting more than you, it doesn’t mean your struggle isn’t valid. It’s ok to speak up.”

12. “Hail Jupiter”

“When writing the album in rural Michigan, we found Jupiter in the night sky, which in astrology represents growth, healing, and prosperity. This song is about just that; being proud of your achievements and what you’ve overcome. Each member has their own solo to close out the album.”


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