A visionary songwriter and performer, Arthur Oskan approached the writing of his new EP, Generation Loss, with great ambition. Just released via his own Endurance Asteroid record label, in just two tracks, the electronic songwriter brings together synthwave, ambient, and experimental electronica to explore ideas of shifting memories, loss, and reflection. Oskan is concerned with memories and how they transform over time. Do they represent the events from the past that took place, or do they change with time, accompanied by a slight disintegration of precision and accuracy? These ideas all became the centrepiece of this release.

Oskan has become an acclaimed Canadian electronic artist, a previous Juno Award nominee who has worked with labels such as My Favorite Robot, Thoughtless, Einmusika, and Beretta Music. Around the time that the global pandemic began, Oskan got interested in experimenting with the world of analog modular synthesis. It soon grabbed his whole attention as he sat with a glut of personal memories and a motivation to channel these thoughts into something new. It became Endurance Asteroid, his very own musical imprint that he could shape in any way he chose.

Joining us today is Oskan himself for a quick track-by-track rundown of Generation Loss, offering us his thoughts on both tracks.

1. “Adult Themes”

“Close your eyes and listen to what your parents don’t want you to see on TV. As light permeates, your senses are heightened, curiosity piqued. Familiar tones and sequences draw you in and hold you tight. Moving shadows until the danger has passed. What was all the fuss?”

2. “Maybe Tomorrow”

“Hope gives way to dread as Sunday winds down to a new school week. The morning bus pickup, field trips, assignments due, cross-country practice, it’s all overwhelming, but maybe tomorrow you score an A or a game-winning goal. With a stone from the past already cast, all you can do is watch it slowly skip through time.”

Arthur Oskan ‘Generation Loss’ [EP] album artwork
Arthur Oskan ‘Generation Loss’ [EP] album artwork

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