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Age of Iguana Releases New Album ‘Creature Comforts’

Australian band Age of Iguana has released their new album, ‘Creature Comforts,’ just in time for the summer months.



Age of Iguana

Australian band Age of Iguana has released their new album, Creature Comforts, just in time for the summer months. The album is a blend of alternative and psychedelic rock, with a sound that harkens back to the best of ’60s with its own contemporary twist. The sonic character of the recordings is as compelling as the spirit of the songs themselves.

Creature Comforts opens with the track “Somethin’ About You,” which features the guitar prowess of Ben George and Chris Taranto. The song is upbeat with a catchy melody. Another highlight is the ballad “Small Talk,” which is a more subdued track about love lost. The song features plaintiff harmonies from Ben, Bernard, and Chris. The album also features the driving beat of “Road to Nowhere.” Its positive vibe is perfect for your next summer drive.

Aidan Smith’s drumming is impressive throughout the album, and Bernard Hickey’s bass holds all the harmonies together. Many of the songs feature impressive guitar solos, and the vocals are seamless.

Creature Comforts is an impressive piece of work that is sure to please fans of alternative and psychedelic rock. The album is available on all streaming platforms.


Creature Comforts by Age of Iguana