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SWIMM are as Smooth as Satin with the Premiere of Their “Be Easy” Single

Sexy, sultry, and sizzling, SWIMM have arrived in style with the debut of their latest single, “Be Easy.” Check it out today!



SWIMM in Boston, photo by TJ Danenza

Sexy, sultry, and sizzling, SWIMM have arrived in style with the debut of their latest single, “Be Easy.” With its smooth tone and alluring electronic beats, this is indie music to groove to. It’s a vibe and a sound that is as unique as it is enticing.

The song comes from the Los Angeles quartet’s new sophomore record Best Comedown Ever, which is due for release on August 10th. The band is already receiving early accolades for the record, thanks to other album highlights like the music video for “Used To Saying Yes” and “Talk To Me.”

In discussing the song, band frontman Chris Hess comments:

“‘Be Easy’ is a pretty straightforward look at the masochistic nature of a relationship that isn’t going anywhere. I hold back from even labeling it ‘toxic’ or ‘co-dependent,’ because sometimes it’s not even that dramatic. Sometimes all parties involved just get off a little on a little recklessness.

“The song started with Hany’s (Zayan) bass and guitar line. It felt like a lost Sun Records recording to me. Hany has a lovely ability to create these musical moods that seem plucked from a different time without it ever feeling pastiche. Marton’s (Bisits) guitar leads are really slick and unassuming.”


Best Comedown Ever will have more of this psychedelic indie dance dream pop to share, including “Talk To Me,” another recently released single. SWIMM’s musical point of view is very much motivated by their disinterest in being pegged by critics or even their audience as being a certain type of band. This free approach is what helped them start to catch on within LA, and they have created a nice little scene, thanks to their transcendent live shows at The Cube, their own downtown warehouse, and their own east side festival named Love You Down. Best Comedown Ever will only serve to solidify SWIMM’s place amongst the most original and freshest dance-rock acts on the beat today.

Best Comedown Ever Track Listing:

1. Hiding In Plain Sight
2. Be Easy
3. Talk To Me
4. Used To Saying Yes
5. Sun in Your Eyes
6. Fancy
7. Last Life
8. Familiar Shore
9. Sun In Your Eyes

SWIMM ‘Best Comedown Ever’ album artwork

SWIMM ‘Best Comedown Ever’ album artwork