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Ultra-Violence Premiere Their Dark, Reflective Single, “Bottom Of The Glass”

FiXT Music has been consistently been providing some of today’s most premiere hard rock music, and they’ve done it again with “Bottom Of The Glass,” the new single from Ultra-Violence.



Ultra-Violence, photo by Mark Tampone

Over the last few years, FiXT Music has been consistently providing us with some of today’s premiere hard rock music, and they’ve done it again with “Bottom Of The Glass,” the new single from Ultra-Violence. The song is one of the killer tracks on the latest FiXT Radium compilation, a series the multi-faceted label started a few years back. The song hits hard, the way some of the great metalcore of the 2000s did, leaving a powerful impression that harkens back to those good old days.

Equally hard-hitting is the lyrical content, a bittersweet, and at times brutal, exploration of the traumatic end to a long relationship that absolutely floored you. You can feel the emotion within the thrashing guitars, agile synths, and weighty rhythms. Frontman Loris Castiglia makes his point quite emphatically when he states, “You’re dead to me.”

Elaborating on the creative process behind this new song, Castiglia states:

“I wrote ‘Bottom Of The Glass’ during one of the darkest periods of my life. The person I loved left me, I had to quit a job I really liked and I had to move house. I took advantage of the time spent producing and recording this song not to focus on what was going on around me. I remember not wanting to write about the things that were affecting me, but I literally found myself filling pages and pages of lyrics about what I was going through. So I thought I probably really needed to get those feelings out there to process and cope with what happened.

He continues:

“Luckily, it turned out to be a very cathartic experience and it helped me to get better. Sadness, loneliness, disappointment, anger, acceptance, and redemption are all things I was feeling and made their way into the song making it go from very spacey and self-reflective verses to drum and bass and electronic interludes to extremely heavy guitar-driven breakdowns mixed with synths and screamed vocals.”

Since their initial formation in 2009 at the age of 15, Ultra-Violence has turned into quite the success story. Nearly every high school band ends up going nowhere, but it’s been a continuous upward-moving trajectory for this quartet, and it’s been a particularly productive period for them over the last few years. They left their label back in 2020, deciding to go it alone at that time as an indie band, working on music with a new mindset, and with the assistance of JoakimJollyKarlsson of Bad Omens, who helped them craft a new sound. Since that time, that new sound has been honed over the course of several recent singles, as well as the Beyond EP in 2021. Last year, Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens joined them for a new take on “The Silence” and a cover of Bring Me The Horizon’s “Dear Diary.”

The momentum continues to build, and it seems that Ultra-Violence are entering one of the most exciting periods of their career.

Ultra-Violence ‘Bottom of the Glass’ album artwork

Ultra-Violence ‘Bottom of the Glass’ album artwork