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Halibab Matador Launches Uptempo Single, “Blue Eyes”

Brussels-based producer Halibab Matador releases single “Blue Eyes,” uptempo, lighthearted instrumental soundscape.



Halibab Matador, photo by Baudouin Willemart

Brussels-based producer Halibab Matador releases his third single, “Blue Eyes.” Featuring collaborators Lea Kadian (bass) and Jeremy Dumont (Rhodes), “Blue Eyes’” uptempo, lighthearted instrumental soundscape evokes joyful memories, light, and sunshine.

Matador divulges his creative process, saying:

“Influenced by artists such as King Krule, Tom Misch, Conor Albert and Petit Biscuit (who are also guitarists), I wanted to ensure the guitar sets the tone to the song. The vocal harmonies were recorded on my phone and then added in Ableton. What I’ve really enjoyed about this solo project is that I’m able to experiment with new things.”

“Blue Eyes” is the third single of Halibab Matador’s upcoming debut album, due out in September 2023.

Matador is one of the founding members of the successful indie-RnB act YellowStraps, a project created by himself and his brother.


Among their many accolades, the duo released their 2018 Blame EP through Majestic Casual, performed on tastemaker platform COLORS in 2019 before releasing the 2020 EP Goldress.

2022 saw them release the album tentacle, which at the same time saw Alban rebrand himself as Halibab Matador, taking a back seat to the YellowStraps brand, to create his first solo project as an artist.

2023 will see him releasing his full-length debut, focusing on music which is largely instrumental and wonderfully fuses together elements of jazz, soul and hip-hop.

Halibab Matador “Blue Eyes” single artwork

Halibab Matador “Blue Eyes” single artwork

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