Swiss singer and songwriter Claudia Balla has just released a new single, “88.” This enthusiastic and theatrical love song presents a dark and enticing story, immediately attracting listeners. Reminiscent of the best of ’80s pop, this contemporary ballad showcases Claudia’s talent and songwriting prowess. Having made her mark on the European music scene through albums like Enough, Fire, and ALICE, Claudia Ball has established herself in the industry. Dark harmonies, raw lyrics, and vivid storytelling characterize her musical compositions.

In her newest single, “88,” Claudia collaborates with the vocal talents of Laura Scaglia, resulting in a raw and emotional sound that captures the song’s essence. Together, they sing of the excitement of a new love affair, exploring how something that starts so promising can tragically fall apart.

Claudia describes her creative process, saying:

“When I was writing the song, I envisioned the story as if it were a film. I could clearly see the narrator, a young woman dressed in a long-sleeved, white linen summer dress, gracefully falling into the water in slow motion, at night, and her lifeless body hitting the bottom of the lake… reminiscing about her misfortune.”

While “88” carries nostalgic undertones, the song’s symbolism holds significant relevance in today’s society. Claudia Ball explains, “The murder itself, for me, holds symbolic meaning. It can be interpreted on physical, psychological, and social levels simultaneously, with the latter referring to social media and cancel culture.”

“88” is available on all the major stream platforms. Add this song to your summer playlist today.

"88" by Claudia Balla
“88” by Claudia Balla