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blindspot Hit Back Hard with the Premiere of Their “Still Breathing” Music Video

For something of a comeback single, “Still Breathing” could not be a more appropriate title for the newest blindspot release.



blindspot, photo by Gerry Vincent of 41st Casanova Productions

For something of a comeback single, “Still Breathing” could not be a more appropriate title for the newest blindspot release. It’s been quite a while since we got new music from the duo, but here they are, getting back on track and ready to fly high again.

We have featured this act several times before, happily helping to spread the word about this dynamic, positive vibes-inducing pair of frontwoman Alexa Economou and guitarist/drummer Chris Cormier. “Still Breathing” is something of a reintroduction for them, a strong statement that they are still very much in the game and ready to re-establish themselves as one of New England’s premiere alt-rock acts.

Contextualizing “Still Breathing” for us, along with its accompanying video, Economou states:

“This release means so much to us because it has been a long time coming. It is our first release of new content since COVID showed up and changed so many of our plans. Cancelled tours, live performances, postponed recording and video sessions, you name it. And even as things have adjusted to a new normal, we purposefully took our time strategizing how to release this at a time that finally felt right, which is now. Since we became a band, blindspot’s goal has always been to find a sound that is ours and to keep reinventing it so it is fresh but always remaining true to us. We think this song does just that.

She adds:

“We are so stoked to pair ‘Still Breathing’ with this amazing visual to show the world who we are as performers and what we bring to the stage every time we play (come see us!). Huge shout to the team at 41st Casanova Productions for sharing the same vision with us time and time again and bringing our imagination to life!”

With the pandemic and its associated lockdowns derailing plans for so many musicians, it left blindspot in a precarious position, eager to release new music and get out there but powerless to actually make it a reality. Now that those obstacles have been pushed aside, it’s time to compensate for lost time. “Still Breathing” is not just a standalone single but will also act as the first single to their much anticipated sophomore EP. It’s in the finalizing process, which means it will be out soon, and blindspot can get back to what they do best, getting a crowd hyped and justifying their place amongst New England’s best young rock acts.

Tour Dates:

06/02 – The Jungle, Somerville, MA
07/21 – Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion, Gilford, NH
07/28 – 07/29 – Lowell Folk Festival, Lowell, MA
09/09 – Boston Arts Festival, Boston, MA

blindspot “Still Breathing” single artwork

blindspot “Still Breathing” single artwork