Kingdom All Stars is a remarkable volunteer-run group of student musicians who have created a unique concept inspired by a classic all-star baseball team lineup. Their mission is to bring together talented young people to create beautiful music, and they have certainly succeeded in doing so. Despite their young age, the group’s sound is impressively mature and sophisticated.

Their newest track, “Willoughby Nights,” features the vocal talent of high school student Jazmine T. Bogie. Her warm and powerful voice is the perfect complement to the song’s classic country sound, with a rich bass and acoustic guitar motif scattered throughout that instantly draws the listener in. As the song progresses, the harmonies come in, highlighting the talents of team member Macey Mawhinney, and the chorus is so catchy that you’ll find yourself singing it all day long. The instrumentation is also noteworthy, with Zane Mawhinney on acoustic and electric guitar, Owen Marcotte on bass, Addison Scott on violin, and Liza Morse on piano. These young musicians had the incredible opportunity to work with guest artists Andre Maquera on guitar and drums, as well as University of Vermont drum instructor Caleb Bronz, and the final product was produced by Andre Maquera, who is known for his work with “8084.”

Because music is important.

As a nonprofit educational enrichment organization, Kingdom All Stars lives by the statement, “Because music is important.”  Their dedication to their craft is evident in their impressive music. Even though they are young, the Kingdom Allstars are making waves in the music world, and their music is definitely worth a listen. “Willoughby Nights” is available on popular streaming platforms, and it’s a song that is sure to put a smile on your face.